The Council provides several services, some of which you may have thought were Shropshire Council’s responsibility.


Street Lighting

The Council provides the street lighting in the Parish.  Maintenance is normally carried out by Highline Electrical Ltd and the electricity is supplied by Eon UK Ltd.

If you notice a problem with any of the street lights please contact the Parish Clerk and she will make sure it is resolved.


Grounds Maintenance

The use of part of a field in Lyneal for recreation has been provided by a local resident.  However, it is the Council that ensures the grass is cut on a regular basis.

The grounds around the notice boards in Lyneal and Colemere, around the Community Car Park in Stocks Lane and the old telephone box along The Balmer are also maintained by the Council.


Notice Boards

There are four main notice boards around the parish which are looked after by the Council: at the Parish Hall, at The Sun Inn, by the telephone box in Lyneal and at the triangle by the telephone box in Colemere.