The Planning System

Planning control is the process of managing the development of land and buildings. The purposes of this process are to save what is best of our heritage and improve the infrastructure upon which we depend for a civilised existence.

Shropshire Council (the ‘planning authority’) is responsible for deciding whether a development – anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre – should go ahead.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee however on planning applications and is normally given 21 days to comment.

When reviewing applications the Parish Council considers planning issues. These can include:

  • consistency with the development plan for the area
  • traffic and highway safety issues
  • overlooking, loss of privacy and loss of light
  • scale of the development
  • design, appearance, layout and material
  • loss of important open space of physical features
  • noise, disturbance or smells
  • local knowledge of drainage or other possible problems with the surface
  • impact on the surroundings

Issues that are not relevant include:

  • effect on the value of property
  • loss of view over other peoples land
  • possible future development not included in the application
  • private property rights such as boundary or access disputes
  • matters covered by other laws
  • the morals or motives of the developer

The Parish Council has adopted the following policies and procedures:

Planning Application Procedures

Planning Pre-Application Discussion Policy

Confirming Local Connection Policy


Welshampton Village Design Statement

A Village or Town Design Statement (VDS) is a practical tool to help influence decisions on design and development.  Prepared correctly, a VDS will provide a clear statement of the character of a particular village or town against which planning applications may be assessed.  It is not about whether development should take place (this is one of the purposes of the borough’s Local Plan), but about how development should be carried out to respect the local identity. An effective VDS:

  • is developed, researched, written, and edited by local people
  • is representative of the views of the village as a whole and has involved a wide section of the village community in its production
  • describes the visual character of the village and demonstrates how local character and distinctiveness can be protected and enhanced in new development
  • is compatible with the statutory planning system and is suitable for approval by the council as supporting its Local Plan
  • is applicable to all forms and scale of development
  • is about managing change in the village, not preventing it

Local people in villages and small towns are well placed to identify local character and distinctiveness, described in terms of the landscape setting of the village, the pattern and shape of the settlement, and the nature of buildings, spaces, landmarks and special features.

The Welshampton Village Design Statement was adopted by the Planning Authority, now Shropshire Council, in 2002.


Meres and Mosses Nature Improvement Area

The Parish is within the Meres and Mosses Nature Improvement Area and additional planning advice notes have been produced which should be considered when considering planning applications.  The advice notes can be found below:

About Our Planning Advice Notes

Planning Advice Note – Water

Planning Advice Note – Air

Planning Advice Note – Biodiversity

Planning Advice Note – Access

Advice Note – Using CIL Monies


Further information on Planning

Further information including copies of Shropshire’s Council’s Planning Policies can be found by clicking on the button below:

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You can also view and track planning and building control applications through the Public Access, Shropshire Council’s on-line planning register.  You can access the register by clicking on the button below:

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