A Brief History

The current Parish Hall is not the first hall in the parish.  The original hall, an ex-army timber hut, was bought for £75 in 1920 from Bettisfield Park.  It was dismantled and brought to Welshampton by horse and cart before being re-assembled.  It was built on oak and brick stilts and measured 90′ x 25′ with additional lean to buildings.  Functions were still being held in 1922 to pay for it!

In 1985 the Management Committee decided to look into the feasibility of building a new hall.  The committee had become increasingly concerned that the old hall could no longer justify the cost of its repair and maintenance and, being of timber construction, it constituted a major fire risk.

In 1990 a public meeting was held and the fund raising for a new hall commenced.  The County’s Village Hall Advisory Offficer helped the Fund Raising Committee obtain grants from Shropshire County Council, North Shropshire District Council and the Rural Development Commission totalling £65,000.  But this still left over £44,000 to raise!  The Parish Council also gave grants and some local residents gave interest free loans to help progress the build, but it was down to the local residents, who supported the fund raising events over a number of years, who made the new hall possible.

The hall was designed in accordance with local requests.  It measures 79′ x 44.5′ and built of traditional brick with tile roof and a simple gable end construction.  Importantly, it was designed with low maintenance as a priority. One key feature was the provision of the main floor sprung by a unique air cushion pad ideal for dancing and gymnastic work.

On Saturday 3 July 1993 at 3pm, the new Hall was opened by Neil Thomas, the famous gymnast, whose family live in Welshampton.  It was a day the Building and Fund Raising Committee had found difficult to imagine at that public meeting back in 1990.



The Main Hall

The hall’s floor is sprung by a unique air cushion pad making it ideal for all types of dancing and gymnastic work.  There is a curtained stage area for performances with additional stage extension.  Stage lighting has remote sockets within the hall and there is also light dimming facilities.  The PA system includes a compact disc player for background music and various microphone sockets within the hall.  There is an audio loop for the hard of hearing.

Committee Rooms

One committee room is accessed separately from the main hall but can be combined with the hall by opening a folding partition.  The other room is accessed from the committee room.



The kitchen is fitted with a wall mounted water boiler for constant hot water for drink making and has a serving hatch for convenience.  Place settings for 200 are available.

Bar Facilities

There is a fully equipped bar which can be hired for your event.


There are full toilet facilities and showers available for both male and female use (to be pre-arranged).


Car parking for 30 plus cars.  There is also a free tennis court convertible for 5 a side football and netball.

Contact details

The Parish Hall has its own website which lists events and details of how to book the Hall.