The agenda for a meeting will appear on this page at least 3 days before the meeting.

Draft Minutes will appear within 30 days of the meeting.


The Parish Council has adopted a long term Business Plan to help direct its work, a copy can be found on the Aims and Objectives page.  Items identified within the Business Plan and other issues being progressed by the Parish Council are monitored through an Action Plan.  The Plan is reviewed at every Council meeting and tracks progress.  It is hoped residents will find this easier to track issues rather than reading minutes of meeting.

A copy of the Action Plan can be found through this link.


Meeting dateAgendaMinutesMeeting Papers
11 January 2023AgendaMinutes
8 February 2023AgendaMinutesAgenda Items 8a and 8b
8 March 2023AgendaDraft MinutesAgenda Items 8a and 8b



Meeting dateAgendaMinutesMeeting Papers
13 January 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
9 Februray 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
10 March 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
13 April 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
11 May 2022AgendaMinutes15a and 15b
8 June 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
10 August 2022AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
12 October 2022AgendaMinutesAgenda Items 8a and 8b
9 November 2022AgendaMinutesAgenda Items 8aand 8b
14 December 2022AgendaMinutesAgenda Items 8a and 8b



Meeting dateAgendaMinutesMeeting Papers
13 January 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
10 February 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
10 March 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
14 April 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
19 May 2021AgendaMinutesItem 17a & 17b
9 June 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
14 July 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
11 August 2021AgendaMinutesItem 9a & 9b
9 September 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
13 October 2021
AgendaMinutesItem 9a & 9b
10 November 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
8 December 2021AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b



Meeting dateAgendaMinutesMeeting Papers
8 January 2020AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
5 February 2020AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
11 March 2020 AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
12 August 2020AgendaMinutesItem 5a
Item 5b
Items 10a and 10b
Item 10d
9 September 2020AgendaMinutesItems 8a & 8b
14 October 2020AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
11 November 2020AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
9 December 2020AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b



Meeting dateAgendaMinutesMeeting Papers
9 January 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8bItem 8e
13 February 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a & 8b
13 March 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
10 April 2019AgendaMinutes
8 May 2019Agenda Minutes
12 June 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a and 8b
10 July 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a and 8b
14 August 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
11 September 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
9 October 2019AgendaMinutesItem 8a & 8b
13 November 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a and 8b
11 December 2019AgendaMinutesItems 8a &8b



December 12                    Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Papers       Items 8a and 8b    Item 9

November 14                   Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Papers      Items 8a and 8b

October 10                       Agenda     Minutes

Meeting Papers     Items 8a and 8b    Item9    Item 9   Item 12

September 12                 Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Papers      Items 8a and 8b    Item 9

August 8                          Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Papers       Items 8a and 8b     Item 9

July 11                               Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Papers      Item 8a & 8b    Item 9

June 13                             Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Papers      Item 7b (i)     Item 7b (ii)    Item 7b (iii)   Item 7b (iv)   Item 7b (v)   Item 7b (vi)  Item 7b (vii)   Item 7b (viii)  

                                           Item 7b (ix)  Item 7b (x)  Item 7c   Item 8a & 8b   Item 9a   Item 9c

May 9                                Agenda         Minutes

Meeting Papers      Item 13 (i)    Item 13 (ii)   Item 13 (iii)   Item 13 (iv)   Item 13 (v)   Item 14a  Item 14d  Item 14f  Item 14g   Item 15

April 11                             Agenda     Minutes

Meeting Papers      Item 8a and 8b    Item 8d     Item 9   Item 10

March 14                         Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers      Items 8a and 8b      Item 10   Item 11

February 14                    Agenda          Minutes

Meeting Papers    Items 8a and 8b    Item 11a

January 10                     Agenda         Minutes

Meeting Papers    Items 9a and 9b    Item 9c   Item 9d



December 13                 Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Papers     Items 9a and 9b

Local Plan Review Preferred Options Response December 2017

November 8                  Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Papers    Items 9a and 9b

October 11                     Agenda       Minutes

Meeting Papers   Items 8a and 8b

September 13             Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Papers    Items 9a and 9b

August 9                     Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers   Items 9a and 9b

July 12                       Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers  Items 9a and 9b

June 14                     Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers  Items 14a and 14b

May 18                      Agenda            Minutes

April 26                    Agenda            Minutes

March 22                 Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers FS220317

March 15 (Strategic Planning Committee meeting)      Agenda        Minutes 

 Local Plan Review Consultation Response    Local Plan Review Consultation Additional Comments     Local plan review letter.doc

March 2 (Strategic Planning Committee meeting)       Agenda         Minutes

February 22            Agenda          Minutes

Meeting Papers  FS 220217

January 25             Agenda           Minutes

Meeting Papers FS250117   Draft budget 2017-18 



December 15          Agenda           Minutes

Meeting papers   FS151216

November 23         Agenda           Minutes

Meeting Papers     FS231116

October 26             Agenda           Minutes

Meeting Papers FS261016

September 28       Agenda           Minutes

August 24             Agenda            Minutes

July 27                  Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers  Bank Rec 270716   FS270716

June 22                 Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Papers FS220616

May 25                  Agenda           Minutes

April 27                Agenda           Minutes

Meeting Papers  FS270416 bank rec

March 23             Agenda          Minutes

February 24        Agenda          Minutes

January 27          Agenda         Minutes

Meeting Papers  Item 8a(i) Item 8a (ii) Item 8c



December 16        Agenda       Minutes

November 25       Agenda       Minutes

Meeting Papers    Item 8a

November 5 (Extraordinary meeting)   Agenda      Minutes

October 28           Agenda     Minutes

September 23     Agenda     Minutes 230915

Meeting Papers       Items 11 a & b  Item 15

August 26          Agenda   No minutes as meeting was inquorate

Meeting Papers        Items 11a and b      Item 11c     Item 15

July 22               Agenda       Minutes

Meeting Papers   Items 8a and b

June 24             Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Papers  Item 6: see Item 9a, b and c below (May 20).  Item 10   Item 11a and b    Item 11e and h: see Item 14d and g below (May 20).  Item 14: see Item 16 below (May 20)

May 20              Agenda         Minutes    (Annual Meeting)

Meeting Papers   Item 9a     Item 9b    Item 9c    Item 14a    Item 14c   Item 14d and 14g    Item 14e    Item 14f     Item 16

April 22             Agenda        Financial Statement   Minutes

March 25          Agenda         Minutes

February 25     Agenda          Minutes

January 28       Agenda          Minutes     Planning Application 14/04589/ response   Report



December 17     Agenda         Minutes

November 26    Agenda         Minutes

October 22        Agenda          Minutes

September 24   Agenda          Minutes

August 27          Agenda          Minutes

July 23               Agenda          Minutes

June 25              Agenda          Minutes

May 28              Agenda          Minutes   (Annual Meeting)

April 23             Agenda           Minutes

March 26          Agenda           Minutes

February 26     Agenda           Minutes

January 22       Agenda           Minutes



December 18    Agenda           Minutes

November 27   Agenda           Minutes

November 4     Agenda           Minutes    (Extraordinary Meeting)

October 23       Agenda           Minutes

September 25  Agenda           Minutes

August 28        Agenda            Minutes

July 24             Agenda            Minutes

June 26           Agenda             Minutes

June 6             Agenda             Minutes    (Planning Meeting)

May 15             Agenda             Minutes    (Annual Meeting)

April 24           Agenda             Minutes

March 27        Agenda             Minutes

February 27   Agenda             Minutes

January 23     Agenda            MinutesMinutes