Currently, the Council does not have any committees or sub-committees. However, councillors are appointed to represent the Parish Council on various external committees and bodies as follows:


Officers and representatives for the financial year ending March 2023 

Cllr Karen Bland

Member of Personnel Committee

Council representative for Shropshire Association of Local Councils

Cllr Michael Dinsdale

Chair of Parish Council

Chair of Personnel Committee

Council representative on Welshampton Village Hall Committee

Cllr Andrew Haydon

Helicopter Noise Liaison Group

Cllr Kathryn Holland – no responsibilities

Cllr Lawrence Houghton MBE

Vice Chair of Parish Council

Member of Personnel Committee

Cllr Sheila Stringer

Member of Personnel Committee

Cllr Chris Symes – no responsibilities

Cllr Guy Wellsbury – no responsibilities

Cllr Martin Withington

Emergency Planning Officer

Representative on Wood Lane Quarry Liaison Group