The search for Welshampton and Lyneal Parish Community Service Award 2024 is on!

Complete the nomination form and forward to the Clerk.


Community Service Award Scheme


Aim of the Scheme

To acknowledge and give recognition to those who have made a significant contribution to the local community.


Who could be nominated for an Award?

Anyone that the Parish Council / members of the public consider merits an Award for having made a significant contribution to their local community.  The person/group must live or work within the Parish boundary.  If a nominee is a paid employee with a company/organisation/charity within the Parish there must be evidence that their efforts add significant contribution to the social well-being of the Parish beyond the requirements within their job description.


What are the criteria for making an Award?

There are no pre-determined criteria what a “significant contribution to the local community” might be.  These criteria would be determined by the Parish Council taking into account what is important at the time of determination.  These could include:

  • Long and sustained service to the community or part of it.
  • Achievements or actions of an inspiring nature to the local community
  • Such activities which have reflected credit or brought benefits to the Parish or its people.


What is the nomination process?

An invitation to nominate will be issued in the Parish Council newsletter together with a press release.  A nomination form would be available from the website.

Nominations would be considered at the next Parish Council meeting following the nomination closing date in a closed session.  The decision of the Parish Council is final and there is no appeals process.


Full scheme details can be found through this link.