The recipient of the Community Service Award 2020 is Mrs Glo Wright.

Glo received many nominations and this one captured the feelings of many people:

“Glo plays an important part within our village community, linking many organisations together: Parish Hall, Walkers, Afternoon Club, Mothers Union, Spring Fayre, School and Church. I’m sure there are others!  She is very interested in the school attending worship in school on Fridays and helping out on school trips. The children are always delighted to see her.”

Glo wished to thank everyone who had nominated her. “I had the shock of my life when Andy rang to tell me that I was receiving this wonderful award and I can’t see how it ever came abut. What had I done

to deserve it? I may serve on a number of committees, but half the time I feel that I’m there to make up the numbers.  I don’t feel that I do actually do anything.  Everyone around me does it all, I’m just there. I do, however, love and enjoy the environment, especially my connection with the Church and school. I am greatly humbled and hugely honoured to receive this award. Thank you so much.”

We all know how much Glo does, from mowing grass to making scones and soups for all to enjoy. As her family put it. “Mum has a finger in every pie, because at the end of the day she really cares about Welshampton village and the people who live there.”


Left to right: Andrew Hodson, (Headteacher)  Glo Wright, Cllr Guy Wellsbury and Cllr Andrew Haydon