Thank you to all those who braved the elements and attended our Public Hall event on Wednesday 2 November 2022.

Our speakers were warmly received. A representative from Marches Energy dealt with how to use less energy and where to turn to for those who are struggling. Di Hill, local resident who served as Vice Chair of Shropshire Federation of Women’s Institutes Climate Change Group dealt with what we can do to help the planet whether on an individual level, community level or at a national level. Her approach was practical and helpful. She has experience of extreme weather events having lived in rural Canada for many years. We then heard from Janet Cobb representing RSVP (Restoring Shropshire Verges Project). Janet spoke about loss of habitat for important species and how by turning our verges and other grassed areas into wild flower meadows these corridors can assist small mammals and insects and thereby biodiversity. Finally we heard from Martin Withington, Parish Councillor about his 30 years of creating a garden that is kind to small mammals and insects. With wild flower planting he and his wife have created a beautiful garden with biodiversity at the forefront.

A Working Group has now been set up. Apart from four Parish Councillors there are a further seven parishioners in the Group which has now met several times. As a result of the Group’s efforts thus far an Energy Flyer was circulated to all in our Parish in early January and on 8 July 2023 we held our first Swish! (a fancy clothes swap), an event with sustainability at its core. Thank you to all those who donated clothes and accessories and to all those who returned to the Parish Hall for a big shop in the afternoon.  From the feedback we have received this has proved to be a worthwhile event.

The next event in the planning is The Big Green Day with a busy Parish Hall on Saturday 30 September 2023 devoted not only to how we might do some things better now but also looking ahead with exhibitors advising what might be available in the not too distant future. We also plan to ask you on the day to communicate directly with our Clerk if you wish to have an appointment made to visit homes in the Parish already fitted with solar, batteries, heat pumps etc and indeed a wind turbine. There may in addition be the opportunity to visit a nature friendly private garden or two.

We also propose taking under our umbrella the footpaths in and around Welshampton. We are conscious of the fact that some small amendments need to be made to the directions contained within Welshampton Walks and further, that some of the footpaths are overgrown and need brambles etc cutting back to make for easier walking.  Would you like to volunteer to help?  We would very much like to hear from you.  Again, please contact the Parish Clerk.

2 links which refer to the presentations given on Wednesday 2 November 2022:

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Talk

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Anyone who would wish to be part of our Working Group should contact the Parish Clerk. You will be made most welcome.