Living in a rural community without good public transport our carbon footprint is higher than the footprint of someone living in a town or city with good public transport. The Working Group will
endeavour to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We wish to limit our use of fossil fuels which negatively impact the environment.

The Big Green Day held in the parish in September 2023 showcased green energy sources. Two exhibitors told parishioners what their individual businesses could achieve by way of solar, heat
pumps and the like. In addition another speaker dealt with the science behind Climate and a still further speaker spoke about renewable energy in the future.

We are committed to working with partners and in particular Shropshire Council. We can learn from others and have no wish to duplicate good practice.

Whilst we have previously committed to look at solar panels for Welshampton Village Hall together with electric charging points for electric vehicles funding is problematic and at present we have not been able to make progress. These matters will continue to be researched

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