Welshampton & Lyneal Parish Council acknowledges its responsibility in so far as these three subjects are concerned.
Whilst not everyone believes that there is a Climate Emergency none of us can fail to notice our changing weather patterns in more recent times whether at
home or abroad. Further, we all wish to live sustainably. Sustainability enables all people to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life without compromising the quality of life of future generations.  Whether we agree or not as to whether there is a Climate Emergency many of us will accept that there is a Biodiversity Crisis. We have lost species and other species are critically endangered. This matters for without nature there are significant problems for humanity. Specifically, a duty is placed on all local authorities,
including Parish Councils, to from time to time consider what action the authority can properly take to further the general biodiversity objective. The general biodiversity objective is the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in England so all Parish Councils must take biodiversity into account in all their decisions and actions.

The Parish Council when it makes decisions does take Climate, Sustainability and Biodiversity into account when appropriate so to do. Indeed, it goes further in that through its Working
Group dealing with Climate, Sustainability and Biodiversity which commenced work in 2023 it organises events which deal with these matters and  informs the Parish as necessary and in relation to these subjects. In January 2023 a Flyer was delivered to all homes in the Parish dealing with the Energy crisis and suggesting ways to mitigate the crisis and providing links to organisations that were able to assist.

The remaining part of this area of the website deals with Climate, Sustainability and Biodiversity as separate subjects.

Would you like to join our Working Group working on Climate, Sustainability and Biodiversity? Perhaps you have expertise which will  benefit the Group?

Please contact our Parish Clerk if you wish to join us whether you have expertise or not. You will be made most welcome.